Muttluks Snow Mushers Dog Boots – Orange with Black Trim

Size: Size 6

Keep your winter loving dog safe on the snow and ice with the Snow Mushers Dog Boots by Muttluks in Orange!

  • Micro fiber upper fabric with fleeced inner lining.
  • 100% recycled flexible rubber and rugged rubber soles with traction treads
  • Self-tightening double wrap secure fastening system
  • Elastic soft cinch fastening – easy on dew claws, secure on fastening
  • Extra large opening for easy on
  • Sold in sets of 2

Why We Love It:

Muttluks Snow Mushers are the «Supreme!» choice from Muttluks Paw Protection Series. Featuring 100% recycled rubber and numerous other features, these boots reflect Muttluks «Integrity at Work» and commitment to quality. Flexible soles with «barefoot» technology are «pawsitively» comfortable and adaptable to paw shape and movement.

*Get the right size boots by checking size of front paws and back paws as they may vary. Boots sold as set of 2 for front or back so you can customize to your pet.

Sizing Information:

Size 1: 1.5″ Width 2.5″ LengthSize 2: 1.75″ Width 2.75″ LengthSize 3: 2″ Width 3″ LengthSize 4: 2.125″ Width 3.25″ LengthSize 5: 2.375″ Width 3.5″ LengthSize 6: 2.5″ Width 3.75″ LengthSize 7: 2.75″ Width 4″ LengthSize 8: 3.375″ Width 4.25″ Length

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