MultiPet Fire-Hose Hydrant Dog Toy

Size: One Size

Your pup works hard and loves to play hard! So get them a toy that can withstand play-time abuse with the MultiPet Fire-Hose Hydrant Dog Toy!

  • Made from same material firemen use.
  • Includes rubber and crinkle lining.
  • Rope for tugging
  • Double-stitched.

Why We Love It:The Fire-Hose Hydrant Dog Toy is made of the tough, durable material used in firemen hoses. The material consists of a rubber lining and multiple layers of tightly woven fabric with an interior crinkle material for excitement. This soft toy for dogs has excellent resistance to abrasion and superior strength and durability. A rope added for some tugging fun!Sizing Information:12″ Length 

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