Bark Notes Dog Collar And Leash Attachment – Anxious

Size: 3/4″ Width

Bring attention to your dogs need and behaviors with the Bark Notes Dog Collar and Leash Attachments Anxious!

  • ‘Anxious’ on orange
  • Stretchy neoprene backing
  • Slides over collar or leash
  • Soft, flexible, and durable PVC label
  • Waterproof

Why We Love It:

Tell others what your dogs needs are or showcase their key personality traits with the Bark Notes Dog Collar and Leash Attachments by RC Pet! These bold prints on a bright backer are easy to read even from a distance. Soft, flexible PVC label with a stretchy neoprene backing allows the product to move easily over the collar or leash. Great for teaching humans about your dog without having to say a word.

Sizing Information:

3/4″ sleeve – 1.25″ Width,  2.75″ Height

1″ sleeve – 1.5″ Width,  4.25″ Height

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